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  • By far the best invention ever made for potty training a dog. I work from home and have 2 dogs so crate training wasn't really an option for me when we got a new puppy a year ago. I bought this and it was so easy and it worked better than I anticipated. Our puppy (Yorkie) took to it great and as an added bonus, our 5 year old poodle also learned to trigger it when he needed to go out as a result of us using for the puppy. I have also suggested this to any friends of mine who have recently gotten a new puppy or a rescue and bought two as a gift for friends.
    Amazon Customer
    Amazon CustomerBy far the best invention ever made for potty training a dog
  • I have used gotta potty with my lab puppy and it is just awesome. He understood it within a couple of days and I can't even express how much this helped with his potty training. It's a must for anyone with a puppy.
    GBMust product for puppies
  • I love this product! I can't rave about it enough!! It has been a life saver for my accident prone dog. My dog caught on quickly and thanks to the gotta potty system he hasn't had an accident in weeks. So now whatever I'm doing in the house I always know when he needs to go outside. If you don't have a gotta potty you definitely need one.
    Jamie Estelle
    Jamie EstelleI love this product
  • This worked great! This is my third puppy that I've potty trained and wish I had this for the first two. Within a couple of days the 9 week old puppy was walking to the mat. We still have accidents now and then but on more than one occasion I've been in another room, heard the recording, and came quickly to find the puppy standing by the door. Without the gotta-potty he would have stood by the door for a minute without me knowing and quickly found a spot on the carpet to relieve himself since no one was there to open the door and the lesson would have been lost. I will not attempt to potty train a dog ever again without a Gotta-Potty
    Amazon Customer
    Amazon CustomerMust have for potty training!!
  • The Gotta Potty Mat is a MUST HAVE for families with new puppies or for busy families with pets. I am a first time pet owner and to a new puppy - I got the mat, followed the advice, was very consistent, and we have a great puppy that doesn't have accidents in the house. Train your puppy or pet to go to the door when he/she needs to go potty and sit - you'll hear your own voice in a pre-recorded message that your pet needs to go outside. Highly recommend this product - don't let your pets scratch at expensive doors - they just sit and you know they need to go outside!
    Customer128and we have a great puppy that doesn't have accidents in the house
  • Ingenious!!! What a great product!! It was so easy to train my dogs. There are no more messes in my house anymore. I am thrilled!!! I have two ..... one for the front and one for the back door and I will be buying more for my friends for Christmas.
    Natalie Wong Calhoon
    Natalie Wong CalhoonWhat a great product!