How To Potty Train A Puppy or Dog Fast

  1. Choose a door that is the most convenient for you and your dog to get outside fast.
  2. Record an “outside message” on the mat /transmitter. Be sure the message is same thing you want your dog to hear when exiting the house such as “Gotta potty” or “go outside”.
  3. Record the same message on the receiver.
  4. Place the Gotta Potty mat on the pathway to the door about 20 ft away and cover with mat or rug.
  5. Watch for triggers that your dog gives before using the bathroom such as sniffing, circling, or wondering out of the room you are in. If you feel as though your dog may need to go outside walk the dog over the Gotta Potty mat. (use leash if needed) When the dog hears the recording continue to repeat the outside message while leading the dog outside. Once outside walk your dog around saying “Go Potty” until your dog goes and praise with treat. If your dog does not go within 5 min take back inside and try again at a later time. If your dog walks over the Gotta Potty mat on their own, continue to repeat outside command and lead your dog outside. (use leash if needed)
  6. Use repetition to help with conditioning. In addition to step 5 walk your dog over the Gotta Potty mat at least 10 times per day and lead your dog outside.
  7. After 5 days start to move your Gotta Potty mat closer to your exit door. Move the mat 3 feet and repeat steps 5, and 6.
  8. Continue to move the Gotta Potty mat closer to the door in 3 ft intervals every 5 days until the mat is at the desired location.
  9. Once your Gotta Potty mat is at the door your dog should be hitting it to go outside on their own. If your dog is not triggering the mat at this point move Gotta potty mat back to your starting point and repeat. Some dogs will take longer than others.

Things to keep in mind: 8-16 week puppies do not have the same control as an older dog so you may need to take things a little slower. Each dog is different so be patient and consistent. Another mat may be used if the dog has a problem area that they keep going to. By placing a second Gotta Potty mat in the path of problem area, you will be alerted before your dog has an accident inside.