Missouri Inventor to Exhibit Gotta-Potty Door Mat at INPEX 2012

Missouri Inventor to Exhibit Gotta-Potty Door Mat at INPEX 2012

PITTSBURGH… InventHelp’s INPEX®, America’s Largest Invention Trade Show, announces that Shane Wisdom, from St. Peters, Mo., has invented a door mat that makes potty-training dogs simple, quick and fun. The Gotta-Potty mat audibly signals when the pet needs to go outside via a digital-voice recorder integrated with a pressure sensitive mat surface. This patent-pending invention will be exhibited at INPEX® 2012, June 13-15, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dog potty-training is the most requested training service today and an area of training desperately in need of innovation. The “Gotta-Potty” provides owners with an efficient training aid that delivers the ability to prevent messy accidents while effectively training the pet on the proper place to go to the bathroom. The product also eliminates potential property damage by removing the need for dogs to scratch, paw and jump on the door or screen door. In addition to its use as a potty-training aid, the Gotta-Potty mat can also be used as a novelty toy for children or fun holiday decoration.

The invention consists of a pressure-sensored mat with a digital voice recorder. When the dog steps onto the mat, the owner’s personal voice message plays, letting the owner know that the dog needs to go outside. The message plays loud enough for the owner to hear it from a different room. The message can also be altered for use by children as a novelty toy for their rooms or adding specific holiday messages.

The inventor designed the product as a result of his own professional experience as a certified dog trainer. “As a trainer for over 10 years, owners are constantly telling me that their dog ruined the paint on their door from scratching to go outside,” said Wisdom. “They also said they didn’t realize their dog was at the door in time to prevent an accident, resulting in the need for more effective potty-training tactics.”

Wisdom is exhibiting at INPEX® with the hopes of finding a distributor and manufacturer.

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