12 Tips

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Always use the same door when you start potty training. It has to be consistent at first and you can always change it once they
are trained.

Let your puppy WALK out the door. If you pick them up to get them outside they will not learn the correct path to the door and will always rely on you to pick them up to go.

Be sure to use a different command inside the house. If you ask your puppy "Do you gotta potty?" and then say the same potty word outside, you are actually telling the dog to pee inside. Use terms like outside or out so you don't confuse the dog.

Be sure to feed your pup for the same amount of time. 15-30 min should be good. Leaving the food out all day increases the likelihood of accidents. When they eat they poo so if they eat all day they poo all day.

If you puppy is sleeping and wakes up, chewing on something and runs off or is just wondering out of the room, the bladder told them to. Get them outside fast!

Don't place your food or water next to the same door you go outside. If you dog is thirsty and heads to the door you will get a false trigger. This is only temporary and can be placed by the door once they are
potty trained.

When outside tell your pup to "go potty" or "get busy" but keep commands consistant. Most people give multiple commands so the dog will not pin point the exact command. If your command runs on like "go potty...hurry up...c'mon...be a good boy..." the dog won't learn the specific command. Just use
"go potty".

While outside don't stare at the dog. After you give them the command "go potty" take your eyes off the pup and watch them out of the corner of your eye. Once the dog goes you will then look right at them and praise!! The dog learns that going potty in front of you gets them attention!

If the dog has a mistake in front of you, turn your back to them and walk away. This is to contrast what happens outside when you look at them and praise after they go. If you yell and scream they will try to hide using the bathroom in front of you.

Never clean up an accident in front of your dog. Dogs pee and mark territory at the same time. If you go to the "mark" and clean it, you will encourage the dog to go there again.

Make sure they don't pee and play in the same visit. If you play right after they are done they sometimes forget that they came outside for a "job". If they go, take them inside for 1 to 3 min and then you can take them outside to play.

Monitor the frequency of peeing. If your puppy is going more than 3 times in a 30 min period and they are over 10 weeks the could have a bladder infection. Call your veterinarian for a check up.